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Lionel Hampton’s 1953 European Tour: The Recordings

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hampton_53_10_reeds(Click to enlarge): The Lionel Hampton Orchestra in Basel or Zurich,
October 1953. Photographer unidentified

Some weeks ago this blog proudly presented the dates and facts jazz researcher and alto saxophonist Mario Schneeberger has collected about the 1953 European Tour of Lionel Hampton and his orchestra.

As you may know, some of this concerts have been recorded and (partly) released.  Now Mario – of course building on the work of others – has assembled a list of the known recordings from this tour full of footnotes, exclamations, annotations and explanations. Mario has published this list in Names and Numbers No, 64 (January 2013) but has since then found some new facts which he incorporated before allowing me to publish his findings on this here blog.

Notice that what you see here are jpgs (you can click on them to enlarge them). If you prefer to read the pdf, you can read (or download) it  here.


hamprecords1 hamprecords2 hamprecords3 hamprecords4 hamprecords5




Lionel Hampton’s 1953 European Tour: dates and facts

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My friend alto saxophonist and jazz researcher Mario Schneeberger has for a long time been (and still is) collecting data relating to Lionel Hampton’s European tour in 1953. This tour features prominently in the memories of an certain generation of european jazz fans because Hamp brought a bunch of new members with him  – Gigi Gryce, Clifford Brown, Art Farmer and Quincy Jones among these – whose abilities until that tour were mostly rumours in  european jazz expert circles. Mario has published the facts he found in the January 2014 issue of Names and Numbers. This led to Björn Englund sending some additions and corrections to Mario which allowed Mario to revise his listings. I am very proud that Mario allows me to publish the revised version on this blog.

So here are Mario’s files for the band routes for Lionel Hampton’s European Tour. Enjoy! If you have corrections/additions, please use the comment section to this post, I will forward your information to Mario.
If you want to download these bandroutes in a printable pdf format, they are here (click right to download, then open in your pdf-viewer and print from there): lionel-hampton-bandroutes-europe-1953






lionel-hampton-bandroutes-europe-1953-fucc88r-internet-an-armin-bucc88ttner-8 lionel-hampton-bandroutes-europe-1953-fucc88r-internet-an-armin-bucc88ttner-9 lionel-hampton-bandroutes-europe-1953-fucc88r-internet-an-armin-bucc88ttner-10 lionel-hampton-bandroutes-europe-1953-fucc88r-internet-an-armin-bucc88ttner-11 lionel-hampton-bandroutes-europe-1953-fucc88r-internet-an-armin-bucc88ttner-12



Milt Buckner rare studio footage (1976)

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In 1976 Milt Buckner was on tour in Europe with his Lionel Hampton Alumni band, a mix of old veterans from the Hampton band such as Arnett Cobb or Eddie Chamblee and younger french musicians.

In Paris they made a stop at the Barclay Studio to record what was to become Eddie Chamblee’s LP “Ten Years After” for the Black & Blue label (one track was later released on a Black  & Blue CD of previously unreleased material by the Alumni band, see details in my Milt Buckner discography).

Black & Blue LP 33097

Only recently I discovered some highly interesting footage from the Barclay studio in Otto Flückiger’s large collection of material related to Milt Buckner. Apparently someone had a camera with him on April 30 and filmed the band while it was relaxing and rehearsing. Unfortunately I do not know who is responsible for this footage. It might have well been dutch Milt Buckner fanatic Kees Bakker. If you watch some of the videos of Milt Buckner that I put up on my youtube account – which definitely were filmed by Bakker –, you will notice that they have the very same camera noise.

In this rare and precious seven minute glimpse into the Barclay studios you will encounter: Milt Buckner, Wallace Davenport, Buster Cooper, Earl Warren, Arnett Cobb, André Persiany, Roland Lobligeois, Panama Francis, Eddie Chamblee and visiting guest Sam Woodyard. Enjoy!


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