Tommy Dean: Rock Easy (1947)

To give you something to enjoy while I am waiting to find the time to scan some more photos of unknown r’n’b and jazz bands, I present to you a 78rpm from my collection, so you can have a little dance around your computer.

The musicians on this one are: Tommy Dean (p); Gene Easton (as); Chris Woods (cl); James Taylor (ts); Buck Underwood (b); Nathaniel “Pee Wee” Jernigan (d). It was recorded in St. Louis in 1947. For more information about Tommy Dean’s band (and also this record), go to The Tommy Dean Discography at the Red Saunders Research Foundation.

2 Responses to “Tommy Dean: Rock Easy (1947)”

  1. Richard Jernagin Says:

    Nathaniel “Pee Wee” Jernigan is my father. Pee Wee passed on December 8th 2000. When Miles Davis played his first professional gig with Eddie Randle’s Blue Devils-the Rhumboogie Orchestra, in St. Louis 1944 Pee Wee Jernigan was the drummer.Pee Wee and Miles were both 22 years old at that time. I was born June 8th that same year.

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