Early Johnny Pate update

Johnnie Pate Gig 225B

Click here to listen to the Johnnie Pate Trio playing Stay in the Know.

I am sorry that nothing much happened here during the last weeks, simply because I did not find the time to put anything up. But here comes a nice addition to the discography I have made featuring the early recordings of Johnnie Pate, later to become Johnny Pate. If anyone knows more about the Gig label, I would be happy to hear from you.

P.S.: I have also added several scans of Johnnie Pate’s Federal 45 rpms.


One Response to “Early Johnny Pate update”

  1. My name is Michael Stevens,saxophonist/singer and my wife and I are gospel artist who are very interested in obtaining two particular recordings of Johnnie Pate featuring my mother, Gwen Stevens singing– a single, “Don’t Worry About Me” and “I Was A Fool” from the Johnnie Pate Trio, Subtle Sounds LP. I grew up listening to my mom sing on these songs…I wasn’t born when they were recorded. But since her death 25 years ago we lost the recordings and now I want them to do a voice-over like Natalie did with her dad Nat. Please point me in the right direction. If Johnnie Pate is still alive I’d love to contact him. God Bless…

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