Milt Buckner in Switzerland 1967

I know some of you are here because you are interested in Milt Buckner. Well, this really fantastic footage is not from the Otto Flückiger archives, it comes from Youtube user bioskopvozdovac. It shows Buckner with some swiss guys playing for the Swiss television journal “Carrefour in” 1967. It is just so great to see Buckner in high quality that I had to post it here:



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3 Responses to “Milt Buckner in Switzerland 1967”

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  2. Daniel Gugolz Says:

    The “some Swiss guys” playing for the Swiss television journal “Carrefour in” 1967 are three of the country’s best jazz musicians; it’s the HENRY CHAIX TRIO accompanying Milt Buckner here: Henry Chaix, p; Alain Dubois, sbs; Romano Cavicchiolo, dms.

    • Tony "Buck" Buckner Says:

      I am the grand nephew of Milt Buckner. My grandmother was his younger sister. I am trying to find info on Milt so that I may get in contact with long lost relatives. Anyone who has a suggestion or can help can contact me at:
      Thank you
      Tony “Buck”Buckner

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