Walt Dickerson live, circa 1954

What nice little surprises the world sometimes has to offer!

Discographical listings of vibist Walt Dickerson’s (1928 or 1931 – 2008) recordings usually start with his early 1961 dates that led to New Jazz LP  NJ-8254 , This Is Walt Dickerson!  But in fact Walt Dickerson had been recorded before! In the Otto Flückiger archives I recently found a CD with 30 minute AFN broadcast dated as coming from germany, around 1954.

The personnel as announced on the broadcast:

Walt Dickerson: vib, ldr
Lou Blackburn: tb
Carl Hendricks: p
Dave Kleinburg: b
Sammy Mapp: dr

The tunes are:

Robbin’s Nest
Isn’t It Romantic
Deep Purple
Sweet Georgia Brown
Time Was

You can listen to the first two by clicking. Sound quality is surprisingly good, so: enjoy y’all (and let me know, what you think).

So does anyone know more about Dickerson’s doings in germany around that time, for example where he was stationed (the 7th army is mentioned by the announcer – does this mean anything?)

3 Responses to “Walt Dickerson live, circa 1954”

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  2. thank you so much! this article by Hank Shteamer claims that Dickerson was in Stuttgart from 1953-1955 which is also consistent with what i can find about the 7th army…


  3. Amazing news! I really enjoy your post – is there a possibility to hear the full broadcast? Walt Dickerson was an incredible musician and any new sound document is more than welcome.

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