Unknown (well, almost) Don Byas

Hi, everybody

I have been away for some time and now as I am back – I am also back to work. So I am sorry if now I only add something to this blog that is also on my website. But since I guess no-one ever found it there, I decided to put his beautiful (and very rare) record up on my blog as well.

It was well known that Don Byas who had made France his home after the 1946 European tour by the  Don Redman orchestra, played in Spain for sometime in 1948. What was not widely known (apart from the few people who saw it on my website) is that Byas also recorded with Luis Rovira in Portugal sometime in 1948.
The above pictured HMV M.Q. 87  carries the (up to now at least) only known track from this session. It was discovered in Portugal by Andreas Schmauder, who is running the Phonopassion 78rpm record shop (check www.78rpm.org). Andreas was so nice as to allow me to put it up on the web.

You can click here to hear the Sexteto Luis Rovira play “Lisboa Antigue”. Enjoy!

P.S.: The other side , “Segue O Teu Caminho” (OPC-178-1), is not pictured here, and Byas does not play on it.

4 Responses to “Unknown (well, almost) Don Byas”

  1. John E. Rescoe Says:

    Your blog is amazing. Thank you so much for posting Little Miss Cornshucks’ “Just For Times Sake”. I looked for this recording for about 55 years, just to hear it one more time.

  2. Gordon Beadle Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Fascinating and beautiful.

  3. Great finding. Thanks for sharing.

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