Photo identified: Daisy Mae and her Hep-Cats

In another post, I asked if somemone knew who this lady might be and who the four fellows beside her are:
unknown five piece band

Now I found the unedited photograph and it turns out this is …


(click to enlarge)

… none other than Daisy Mae and her Hep-Cats! On the back of the photo Otto Flückiger had noted down the name of the musicians: Jimmy Butts (this had been suggested by some people) on bass, Daisy Mae (cocktail drum), pianist Gene Johnson and on guitar – as had been suggested … Billy Butler.  According to the notes on the back of this print, the photo was taken sometime between July 1950 and February 1951. According to Fancourt/McGrath: The Blues Discography (2006), possibly this group (plus second guitarist Arthur Russell) recorded four unissued tracks for DeLuxe in 1948 and four tracks four Gotham in 1955 (two of them first issued much later on a Krazy Kat compilation).  I could not find a single track by Daisy Mae and her Hep-Cat in my house (nor in the OFC collection) but I found this here on youtube: Daisy Mae and her Hep-Cats (with an additional ts and drums) playing “Fanny Duncan” as recorded for 20th Century around 1956 (according to ancourt/McGrath: The Blues Discography) This track and it’s alternate (I do not know which one this here is) were first reissued on the same Krazy Kat compilation.


4 Responses to “Photo identified: Daisy Mae and her Hep-Cats”

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  3. None other than John Coltrane played with this group for a time, according to Lewis Porter’s “John Coltrane: his life and music”.

    • That’s hard to believe! Coltrane? I will have to read that. I love Coltrane and thought I knew a lot, but his is new to me.

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