Valaida Snow with Derek Neville’s band

Looking through a bunch of photographs from the archives, I found several photos taken by Hans Spreng when Valaida Snow was playing at the Sihlporte, Zürich, in summer 1937, . These photos are so beautiful that I decided to make a small movie clip from them (with my very small Adobe After Effects knowledge). You can see as well as hear Valaida and (from England) Derek Neville’s Orchestra. “The Mood That I’m In” was recorded  in London on July 7 1937 and the personnel is:

Valaida Snow (voc, tp); Derek Neville (as, bar, ldr); Johnny Claes (tp); Reggie Dare (ts); Gun Finley (p); Norman Brown (g); Louis Barreiro (b) and Ken Stewart (d). Almost the same band seems to be on the photos – though I cannot make out the guitar player. Maybe he is the one blowing on a glass in one of the photos?



3 Responses to “Valaida Snow with Derek Neville’s band”

  1. Mark Miller Says:

    Wonderful discovery!

    Are you familiar with my biography of Valaida — “High Hat, Trumpet and Rhythm: The Life and Music of Valaida Snow,” published by The Mercury Press in 2007?

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