Jimmy Coe / Red Holloway / Blue Flagships

In 2002 the swiss newspaper company Ringier organized a small tour with the Blue Flagships band featuring guest artist Rusty Zinn on guitar, singer Carrie Smith and R’n’B saxophone legends Jimmy Coe and Red Holloway. On September 14 2002 parts of the concert at Teatro di Locarno in Locarno were filmed by my friend, the late Otto Flückiger. Here we have them playing Flying Home featuring solos by Jimmy Coe and Red Holloway.

You’ll hear (as you can not see everybody) Red Holloway: ts; Jimmy Coe: ts; Duke Seidmann: ts; Frank Muschalle or David Ruosch: p; Dani Gugolz: b; Peter Müller: d

Otto and me had the chance to talk with Jimmy Coe and his wife in their hotel room on the afternoon before the concert, we played his recordings for Chicago’s States Records (1958 ) as well as for small Indianapolis company Note Records (1958) from a tape deck, to see what he remembered about the musicians involved. We did not takes notes – how stupid! – and found out an hour later, that the second tape machine we brought had not recorded a single word of our conversation.

For more about Indianapolis saxophone legend Jimmy Coe, please go to the Jimmy Coe discography at the Red Saunders Research Foundation.



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  1. […] every other year. In the last ten years or so he was playing with the Blue Flagships band (look here for a video clip from 2002 with Jimmy Coe and Red Holloway). I remember Red Holloway as a very […]

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