John Young Trio: You Go To My Head

I finally found the time to update my discography of Chicago pianist John Young. I added some sessions that I found in Tom Lords Jazz Discography as well as some scans of records and CDs I managed to acquire after the last update. Like for example the LP that trumpeter Bobby Bryant recorded for Vee Jay in 1961 (though it was only issued at some time in the 1970s):

or the Joe Venuti LP from 1976 (released in 1978) for Flying Fish:

or Eddie Johnson’s Nessa Lp which also has John Young on it:

And finally I have put up a video of my red wax copy of Chance 1144, featuring John Young’s interpretation of “You Go To My Head”:

This beautiful interpretation was originally recorded for the small Chicago label Seymour in September 1950, but it only came out on Chance some three years later. If you want to know more about the label Seymour, go to the Seymour site at the Red Saunders Research Foundation. On this 45 rpm (it also exists on 78rpm) John Young is accompanied by an as yet unidentified guitarist and by drummer Red Lionberg. Enjoy!

P.S.: Soon (I guess in two weeks) I will present an old R’nB 78 rpm which has John Young playing piano. This 78rpm is not mentioned in any standard source you can think of and it looks like Young is also the vocalist on one of the sides. So John Young fans (I know there are some) stay tuned!


3 Responses to “John Young Trio: You Go To My Head”

  1. Man, this is beautiful! John Young was the first professional piano player that I ever played with, back in 1975, around the corner from my house on the South Side of Chicago. I was 18-years old and I had no idea who he was, completely clueless!

    Over the years I played with him many times, I learned so much from him. I still have many tapes of him playing with Von Freeman, I was at those Enterprise Lounge and El Matador Lounge sets every Monday and Tuesday in the late 70s.

    So it’s really great to see this discography of a really great pianist. This really brings up a lot of memories!


    Steve Coleman

    • Thanks, Steve!

      I think it’s a pity nearly no one ever talks about John Young, he definitely had his own way of playing – instantly recognizable. Oh, how I wish I could hear some of your tapes …


    hello! I’m KEIGO from Japan.I’m fully concerned about pianist John, in youtube, I happend to find your great up date of “You Go to My Head 1950” and listned it it was very beatiful. he doesn’t play piano as an instrument, but a…as his singing fully from his heart.
    I especially love his piano solo on “Mona Lisa” in Al Grey’s Boss was so beatiful.anyway, thanks for your speciailly miracle posting of the beatiful pianist.
    thanks again, Crownpropeller !

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