Andrew Hill on Ping 1003: “After Dark”

In this entry that I posted about a year ago from I offered you the Andrew Hill Combo with Von Freeman and Pat Patrick playing “Down Pat”. Since it turned out that a lot of people seem to be interested in Andrew Hill’s early work, I decided to put up a clip of the flipside as well.

Here you get the Andrew Hill Combo playing “After Dark” for Ping Records in October 1956. The musicians are: Von Freeman: ts, Pat Patrick: bars, Andrew Hill: org, Malachi Favors: b, Wilbur Campbell: dr.

Unfortunately not much can be heard of Hill’s organ work here as he is way behind in the mix. But do not be too much disappointed, a great early Von Freeman solo will make up for this. Enjoy!

For more Information about Ping (and this record) go to:

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