Matthew Shipp Trio in Basel 1998

Correction (12/22/2011): The date of this concert has been established as march 26th (Thanks, Hubi!).

Since 1984 the Taktlos Festival has been presenting “improvised and contemporary music” in several swiss cities, mostly offering formations from the european impro-music scene.  And from time to time they have groups in the program that could be defined as representatives of the Great Black Music continuum. One of the most impressive performances that I saw in this regard was the apperance of the Matthew Shipp Trio  featuring William Parker and Susie Ibarra in March 1998, a performance that kept me sitting on the edge of my chair. Luckily my friend Otto as always had a camera with him …

I am not versed in Shipps’s repertoire, so I do not know which of his compositions forms the basis for these excursions. Also I do not know the exact day this Basel concert took place. At that time Taktlos happened on friday, saturday and sunday in three cities. Since Parker definitely played in Zurich on March 27 (I see that audio from a broadcast of this concert is floating around the internet), he must have played in Basel on March 28 or 29 (the third city was Bern).


4 Responses to “Matthew Shipp Trio in Basel 1998”

  1. Very nice, thanks!
    Didn’t catch them live in Zurich as I was just getting into this kind of music back in 1998 – but I did record the broadcast off DRS2 and still enjoy listening to it!

  2. the basel concert was on march 26th.

  3. […] is dedicated to improvised music they had pianist Matthew Shipp again (he was at the Taktlos in 1998). This time he was playing in a duo situation with clarinetist/saxophonist Sabir Mateen. I am […]

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