Don Cherry Nu, Viersen 1994

When I started to listen to jazz in the early 1980s, it seems trumpet and world music legend Don Cherry (1936–1995) was playing at every other jazz festival around my part of germany – and I did not mind at all. Now and then I also saw one of Cherry’s bands in one of the jazz clubs in of the bigger and smaller towns that form the Ruhrgebiet. I remember seeing “Nu” several times, Cherry’s quartet with saxophonist Carlos Ward, and I also remember more than one concert with Cherry’s Multi Kulti (his band with Peter Apfelbaum).

Here I am presenting you a clip from a concert that I did not witness in person, as I had already moved far away in 1994. It is Don Cherry’s “Nu” band playing the composition “Lito” at the Jazzfestival Viersen at an unknown date in 1994.

You see and hear Don Cherry, Carlos Ward, Mark Helias and Hamid Drake – who had replaced Ed Blackwell after Blackwell’s passing in 1992. Enjoy!


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