Bill Doggett: Honky Tonk (Live 1978)

[Revision note: Thanks to Ehsan Khoshbakht and Dani Gugolz the complete personnel has been identified.]

Bill Doggett (1916–1996) started out on piano. In 1947, he took Wild Bill Davis’ place in Louis Jordan’s Tympany Five and slowly became famous for his organ playing in this band. He started his own band in 1951, first as a trio, later with one or two saxophones and a guitar added. Up to the late fifties Doggett made a series of LPs for King Records, followed in the early sixties by albums on Warner Bros. and Columbia after which the spotlight turned away from his as his brand of organ playing fell out of fashion with the dance as well as the jazz crowd.

But Doggett kept on playing and in the mid-seventies he became quite popular in France, where Black and Blue records published a couple of LPs with Doggett.

So here is another clip from the July 1978 Newport Jazz Festival on tour in the Cimiez Gardens in Nice which was filmed by a french TV station. It’s Bill Doggett on organ, the legendary David “Bubba” Brooks on tenor, guitarist Pete Mays (he is also singing on other tracks from this gig), Larry Trott on electric bass and Howard Overton on drums playing Doggett’s 1956 megaseller “Honky Tonk”.


5 Responses to “Bill Doggett: Honky Tonk (Live 1978)”

  1. Bill recorded with drummer Howard Overton around the same time (1977, Lionel Hampton presents B. D.) Googled up his name to see a picture of him, but nothing came up. It’s only a suggestion though.

  2. Daniel Gugolz Says:

    Hi Armin,
    just like on the Black & Blue CD with recordings from that tour, the rhythm section is:
    Larry Trott, el-bs and Howard Overton, dms.

    Cheers, Dani Gugolz

  3. Thanks, Ehsan and Dani!

  4. Peter Vacher Says:

    Lovely stuff! Are you sure it’s Antibes? It looks the Cimiez Gardens in Nice to me. which is where the Nice Jazz Festival was held.

    Peter Vacher

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