Wild Bill Davis in Rheinfelden 1988

[Revision Note: The tune has been identified as “Ohh-Ah-De-De-De” (see comments)]

Here is another one of the little video clips my friend Otto Flückiger  made in the 1980s and 1990s. Here we have Wild Bill Davis’s quartet playing an unidentified  fast tune at the intimate Q4 jazz club in Rheinfelden, Switzerland on October 30, 1988. I especially like the playing of guitar legend Dickie Thompson here and the charming way in which Otto intercut photographs now and then to get rid of disturbing camera movements.

Besides Wild Bill and Thompson the other band members are saxophonist Dave Young and drummer Clyde Lucas.



4 Responses to “Wild Bill Davis in Rheinfelden 1988”

  1. Daniel Gugolz Says:

    Hoi Armin,
    your “unidentified fast tune” by Wild Bill Davis’s quartet live at the intimate Q4 jazz club in Rheinfelden is in fact an uptempo version of “Ohh-Ah-De-De-De”; a title he recorded for Okeh on 18 April 1952 with guitarist Bill Jennings and Chris Columbus on drums.

    Keep $wingin’

  2. This is fantastic! I’m a former drum student of Clyde’s (he passed away a year or so ago), and I’m trying to find as much material of his that I can get my hands on. Would you happen to know of anything else having to do with Clyde? Besides the other video you had posted.

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