Dizzy Gillespie/Stan Getz: “I Can’t Get Started”

[Revision Note (Apr. 1, 2012): I have corrected date and personnel]

Here is another nice and short one from the series of “La Grande Parade du Jazz” concerts in Nice, filmed for french TV. Here you get Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet; Barney Wilen, Stan Getz, tenor sax; Andy Laverne, piano; Rodney Jones, guitar; Mike Richmond, acoustic double bass; Mickey Roker, Billy Hart, drums, percussion, playing I Cant’ Get Started at the Grand Parade du Jazz, Nice, July 14, 1978.


8 Responses to “Dizzy Gillespie/Stan Getz: “I Can’t Get Started””

  1. Absolutely delightful! Thanks for Dizzy and the rest.

  2. George "Guenti" Schmid Says:

    Great treat – thank you. However, the bass player is not Milt and there is also a guitar player. No compaints however, just for your info.

    • Dear Guenti,

      How embarrassing! I have changed the personnel accordingly. But in fact Milt Hinton plays in another segment from this concert which I will maybe put up at another time. I mixed these up. And besides the guitarist there is also an unidentified percussionist.

  3. Chris Sheridan Says:

    The date is wrong. On June 14, 1978 Mr Gillespie was playing with his regular quartet at the Parisian Room in Los Angeles.
    Chris Sheridan

  4. Dick Baker Says:

    So refreshing…thanks

  5. Wonderful clip! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. For me, Dizzy is playing another one of his model solos here. His flow of ideas is incredible, as is the overall structure of his improvisation. Great lines!

  6. […] a year ago I discovered some nice footage of Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Getz in 1978 playing “I Can’t Get Started”. coming from the series “La Grande Parade du Jazz” concerts in Nice, filmed for french […]

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