An Earl Hines record from Agadir

When ever I enter a record shop the first thing I do, is to look if they might have any 10 inch LPs on the french labels Vogue and Swing. I simply love their charming design, especially if the covers were drawn by french artist Pierre Merlin. As a rule, the more “traditional” the music is on a given Vogue or Swing 10 inch LP (i.e. Sidney Bechet – obviously a good seller – or Willie “The Lion” Smith), the cheaper it will be. The more “modern”, the more you have to pay (like for Clifford Brown or James Moody).  A good overlook of Vogue record’s repertoire can be found here: And a nice collection of Pierre Merlin covers can be found here:

Now two weeks ago on my monthly trip to the local record stores I happened to find this beauty – which was really just a little too expensive for my budget.

Nonetheless I decided to pull the record from it’s sleeve to check its condition when I saw this seal on the label of  Side 1 – my decision was made:

Now here you got a jazz record shop in Morocco around 1954 – mostly catering to the french military and french officials in the protectorate, I guess (Morocco got independent in 1956). All political implications aside: Who would not like to take a look into this shop  and see what’s on offer? Or get just a faint glimpse from the outside? Unfortunately googling Jo Mezzanatto gets you (almost) nothing.  So if you have any information about Mezzanatto’s Maison Du Jazz in Agadir, I’ll be glad to publish it here.

Until then here is something for you to enjoy:

Earl Hines playing Chicago as recorded for french Vogue in Paris on November 4, 1949 with Buck Clayton (tp); Barney Bigard (cl); Earl Hines (p); Arvell Shaw (b); Wallace Bishop (d), taken directly from the above 10 inch LP Vogue LD 041 – sorry, but it is indeed a little noisy.

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