“Body and Soul”: A blindfold test

Ever since in 1939 Coleman Hawkins did what he did to “Body and Soul”, tenor saxophone players had to show what they can do with this beautiful tune.

I myself always loved the blindfold tests that were (and still are) run by different jazz magazines. So here’s a little blindfold test for my esteemed readership: Which tenor player is playing “Body and Soul” on the tape I found in Otto Flückiger’s archives yesterday?

I am very much looking forward to your educated guesses. I will put up the solution here at the end of june accompanied by a bunch of nice photos – and maybe some more music.


3 Responses to ““Body and Soul”: A blindfold test”

  1. Bo Scherman Says:

    That’s how Big Nick Nicholas sounded when I heard him several times in New York in 1968, the 1970s and early 1980s. Great performance!

    • Congratulations, Bo!

      I thought people might take longer to find out. After you found out so fast, I decided too not wait until the end of the month to solve the riddle. So I made a new post.

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