The Abdul Wadud Ensemble at Studio WIS, 1980

Studio WIS in N.Y.C. was a loft in N.Y.C. run by percussionist Warren Smith (born 1932) in the seventies and eighties. My friend Otto knew Smith a little and so on his trip to N.Y.C in 1980 he went to the Studio WIS on April 5, 1980 to see what was happening there. On the program that night was an ensemble led by cellist Abdul Wadud  (born 1937). As always, Otto recorded the proceedings and took photos. A 90 minute tape from this performance exists, but most of it consists of everybody working out on percussion instruments. I decided to take one of the few parts that are a little more interesting musically  and make a little movie from the photos. From these shots I can only identify three people: Abdul Wadud, tuba player Howard Johnson and percussionist Warren Smith. If someone can identify the other people involved, please let me know.



2 Responses to “The Abdul Wadud Ensemble at Studio WIS, 1980”

  1. Mikel Smith Koon Says:

    Warren Smith was born in 1934. He celebrates 80 years this year with a series of concerts around the world. I’ve sent him a link to this site to help identify the musicians in this 1980 Studio WIS jam session.

  2. if you’re interested in Eight Decades of WISdom, Warren Smith’s 80th celebration of music, go to

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