Woody Shaw feat. Wynton Marsalis: Now’s The Time

Ever since I wrote this post, a lot of people – among them Woody Shaw’s son, Woody III – asked me if could possibly put up one of the tracks with 18 year old Wynton Marsalis featured with the Woody Shaw Quintet at Fat Tuesday’s. So here for your pleasure are Woody Shaw (tp), Wynton Marsalis (tp), Carter  Jefferson (ts), Larry Willis (p), Stafford James (b) and Victor Lewis (d) playing Charlie Parker’s “Now’s The Time”, a tune requested by Marsalis. Recorded on April 10, 1980 at Fat Tuesday’s in New York City.


P.S.: If you are interested in the music of Woody Shaw, you may want to check out the Official Woody Shaw Website, kept up by his son, Woody III, who also maintains the Woody Shaw Legacy pages on Facebook.


13 Responses to “Woody Shaw feat. Wynton Marsalis: Now’s The Time”

  1. Excellent, thanks a lot, any Woody Shaw recording, be it even one title, is more than welcome

  2. Paul Brewer Says:

    Woods is light years ahead of young Wynton here. But, hats off to young Wynton for having the courage to stand next to – and PLAY next to – the great Woody Shaw. Woods plays with such brilliance here (as he always did), creating intelligent, compositionally developed, coherent, and deeply meaningful improvised lines throughout the creation of his solo. And, oh yes, Woody swings way deep in the pocket giving an exemplary tutorial on how to do it right!

  3. Carter Jefferson is playing tenor on this…

  4. Dr. John Harding Says:

    WOW, I miss his great playing (Woody’s)!! Nice to hear what then-neophyte Wynton did harmonically. And that was fie years or so before he copped those two great Grammies for legit and jazz submissions!!

  5. craigsharris Says:

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  7. mark mazor Says:

    How do i convert cassette to digital?

  8. Nice stuff!! Do you have the tape of young Wynton with Freddie (before his chops went out)? That’s a great night to immortalize too. Might have been on the same damn tune if I remember correctly

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