Max Roach: Complete East Berlin 1984

A while ago I loaded up some parts of a Max Roach Quartet concert 1984 in East Berlin up on youtube. Now Franz Hoffmann (you should definitely check his youtube channel, hoffmanjazz), has uploaded other parts of this concert, and asked me to load up the missing track “Giant Steps”. Since I have now done so, I am presenting here all the material that had been broadcasted by GDR TV (Thanks, Franz)

So here you get Max Roach, Odean Pope, Cecil Bridgewater and Tyrone Brown 1984 at the Friedrichstadtpalast in 1984 playing “Good Bait” (from the Otto Flückiger collection):

followed by “Giant Steps” (also from the Otto Flückiger Collection)

followed by “Perdido” (also from the Otto Flückiger Collection)

And finally here is “Six Bits”, sung by Roach (courtesy of Franz Hoffmann). Note that although the GDR TV subtitles note “Six Brits” as the title, it should have been “Six Bits” (These are the words Roach sings):





One Response to “Max Roach: Complete East Berlin 1984”

  1. Thanks You! The drum solo preceding “Good Bait” is titled “The Third Eye.”

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