A quick blindfold test: Night In Tunisia

Here is a little blindfold test for all the Boppers out there (certain people who might guess that they are meant are not allowed to take part). So who might be playing the cute little arrangement of Dizzy Gillespie’s Night In Tunisia on this 78 rpm record?

Again congratulations to Bo Scherman (see comments)! It is indeed not easy to spot Persiany – after all you have to know him first. Although Persiany is not relying on block chords here, the Milt Buckner influence is evident. These are indeed the Be Bop Minstrels.

To learn more about this 78 rpm, go to the Don Redman 1946 tour page. Alan Jeffreys and Jackie Carman were the two young white boppers who came to europe with Don Redman’s Orchestra. Some months after the Redman band broke up they went into the studio with some french musicians in Paris. The result was what is usually called the first french be bop record. I have to say that I like the interpretation very much, although you could not call the trumpet playing brilliant. “Enthusiastic” may be fitting though.


5 Responses to “A quick blindfold test: Night In Tunisia”

  1. Love this song…One of the first songs my professor played for Jazz Appreciation. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bernhard Vischer Says:

    Benny Bailey + Mario Schneeberger



  3. Bo Scherman Says:

    I hadn’t heard the record before, but I think I recognize André Persiany, so I’ll take a chance: Be Bop Minstrels, with Alan Jeffries tp, Jack CArman tb, Hubert Fol as, André Persiany p, Emmanuel Soudieux b, Benny Bennett d. Swing 260, recorded in Paris, July 4, 1947.
    Bo Scherman

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