Matana Roberts: Mississippi Moonchile (Zürich 2012)

In February 2011 I went to see and hear alto saxophonist and composer Matana Roberts with her group playing  «Gens de Couleur Libre», the first chapter of the “Coin Coin” series in which Roberts deals with the life of her family and the traces oher ancestors left in Louisiana in the 18th and 19th centuries. Since I liked Roberts take on Free Jazz very much, it was clear that I was going to the Rote Fabrik on march 22 of this year, when Roberts was presenting “Mississippi Moonchile”, the second chapter of the series which is dealing with the beginning of the 20th century. This time besides Roberts the Coin Coin Band consisted of Jeremiah Abiah (voice), Jason Palmer (trumpet), Shoko Nagai (piano), Thomson Kneeland (bass) and Tomas Fujiwara (drums).

I liked the “Moonchile” concert very much and I was happy to have my camera with me to document it.

After the concert Matana Roberts was so nice as to sign her  10 inch 2LP set for me which was recorded on one of the  «Gens de Couleur Libre» concerts (she also signed two copies for friends of mine who unfortunately could not come to the concert). This beautifully designed record  contains the first part of the “Coin Coin” series – and is hereby recommended very much. Free Jazz is not dead!


2 Responses to “Matana Roberts: Mississippi Moonchile (Zürich 2012)”

  1. Flurin Casura Says:

    Great, thanks so much for sharing! That was a wonderful concert!
    I had a chat with Matana, she signed my record, too … and agreed to pose for a picture, too:

    She’ll be touring solo again in Nov/Dec, I’ll try and catch her in Lucerne. Dates can be found here:

  2. […] the camera all the time keeps me from enjoying the music  – which I did very much. As with the Matana Roberts concert last year, it looks like a witnessed a totally different concert than the reporter from the […]

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