More Wild Bill Davis in Rheinfelden (1986) (part 3)

My last weeks have been very unjazzy, so that is why not much happened on this here blog. And the stress will not let up for a while ..

But here for your entertainment comes part 3of  the 120 minute private video of a concert Wild Bill Davis gave at the Hotel Schützen in Rheinfelden, Switzerland on (probably) April 13 1986. The other members of Davis’ quartet were saxophonist Jimmy Tyler, the legendary Dickie Thompson on guitar and drummer Clyde Lucas.

I still do not know who filmed this footage. If someone who was involved in the making of this video reads this, I would like to hear from you so I can give proper credit.

So here you get – after some talking – the Wild Bill Davis Quartet playing Nat Adderley’s Jive Samba followed by Wild Bill Davis’ Stolen Sweets.

There will be more to come from this concert – if nobody objects.

Until then:Enjoy!


One Response to “More Wild Bill Davis in Rheinfelden (1986) (part 3)”

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