More Wild Bill Davis in Rheinfelden (1986) (part 5)

A few days ago I was contacted by Thomas Schicker, who had been at the Wild Bill Davis concert 1986 in Rheinfelden, of which I have already shown four parts on this blog. Thomas, who is a jazzfan and collector, was so nice as to send me the flyer for this concert, which as you can see took place in the afternoon:

flyerwbd(from the collection of Thomas Schicker)

Thomas also still has the advertisement for this concert which appeared in a local newspaper. And he was so nice as to allow me to publish it here as well:

magazinewbd(from the collection of Thomas Schicker)

So here is part 5 (actually the next to last part) of the 120 minute private video of a concert Wild Bill Davis gave at the Hotel Schützen in Rheinfelden, Switzerland in 1986. The flyer and the add above make clear that it was definitely on April, 13. The other members of Davis’ quartet were saxophonist Jimmy Tyler, the legendary Dickie Thompson on guitar and drummer Clyde Lucas.

I still do not know who filmed this footage. The VHS cassette this is from is in the Otto Flückiger collection, but Otto cannot have filmed it himself, because he can be seen standing to the left of Wild Bill Davis from time to time (for example around 12:00). If someone who was involved in the making of this video reads this, I would like to hear from you so I can give proper credit.

So here is the Wild Bill Davis Quartet playing

– “This Is All I Ask” (Gordon Jenkins)

– “Street Of Dreams” (Lewis/Young)

– “Jitterbug Waltz” (Fats Waller)

Until the sixth and last part comes up here:



One Response to “More Wild Bill Davis in Rheinfelden (1986) (part 5)”

  1. Philippe Massimi Says:

    Thank.s These are great musicians…

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