More McCoy Tyner Montreux 1973

I really thought I was finished with digitizing all the McCoy Tyner Video I found on my friend’s old VHS cassettes. But I discovered that there is even more footage from Montreux 1973 than I thought.

I had already presented the band playing most of “The Enlightenment Suite” in this blog post. After the suite, the band played a tune called “Presence”, of which I unfortunately have no footage. This was followed by  “Nebula” and finally “Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit” – both of which I can present you here:

The band consists of Tyner (p), Azar Lawrence (sax), Juini Booth (b), Alphonse Mouzon (dr).


3 Responses to “More McCoy Tyner Montreux 1973”

  1. “Juni” Booth is how it’s spelled. That’s funny, I just ran into him and Azar a week ago!

  2. I’m tired…I meant “Juini.”

  3. […] this, this and this post, I was sure that I had digitized all of the McCoy Tyner videos I could find in Otto […]

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