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Milt Buckner News!

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I have added some information to all three parts of my Milt Buckner discography. There are some new photos, some old photos in better copies than before, as well as information about some previously known and some previously unknown recordings from broadcasts as well as from records or notes in Milt Buckner’s diaries. For example, there is this entry:

which led to this LP (details are in the discography):

I have also added an unreleased 1947 session for Don Gabor’s Continental Records, featuring a Lionel Hampton small group with Arnett Cobb and others, but without Hampton.

Does anyone have an idea who might have the masters for these Continental tracks– if any do still exist?

I have also made discographical – and photographical – additions to part 2 and part 3. So it’s worth having a look there. I have noted the last changes on top of each part.

Milt Buckner in Switzerland 1967

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I know some of you are here because you are interested in Milt Buckner. Well, this really fantastic footage is not from the Otto Flückiger archives, it comes from Youtube user bioskopvozdovac. It shows Buckner with some swiss guys playing for the Swiss television journal “Carrefour in” 1967. It is just so great to see Buckner in high quality that I had to post it here:



Milt Buckner in Mantes-la-Jolie 1976

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I found some more clips with Milt Buckner, and I will be adding one to my youtube account every other month or so. So here ‘s Milt Buckner and his Lionel Hampton Alumni at the Cinema Normandie in Mantes-la-Jolie (France) on May 2, 1976.

Wallace Davenport (tp), Buster Cooper (tb), Earl Warren (as), Eddie Chamblee (ts), Arnett Cobb (ts), Milt Buckner (p, org, vib, voc), André Persiany (p), Roland Lobligeois (b), Panama Francis (dr).


Lionel Hampton, Fort Hayes 1942

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This flyer for a 1942 Lionel Hampton concert at Fort Hayes in Columbus Ohio must be among the rarest items on the Otto Flückiger collection. Imagine what it was like to be there!

Lionel Hampton, Fort Hayes 1942

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To make it easier for your imagination, here’s Hampton and his band playing “In the Bag”, recorded on May 26 1942, nearly two months before the Fort Hayes gig: Lionel Hampton: In The Bag

Milt Buckner Acetate: “Hamp’ s Boogie”

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I made a little movie to the music of Milt Buckner playing “Hamp’s Boogie” at an unknown date. The music comes from a mysterious bunch of acetates from the Otto Flückiger collection.

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How to act in Hamp’s band (1945)

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I’m starting this blog off with a very unusual document from the Otto Flückiger archives: A letter signed by Lionel Hampton to members of his band via Hampton’s booking office in august 1945.  The letter contains the “rules and regulations” that have to be followed strictly by all members of Hampton’s band. That is is signed by Hampton does not necessarily mean that he formulated it. Other suspects are Joe Glaser (or someone from his office) or even Lionel Hampton’s wife, Gladys.

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