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Eddie Chamblee / Willene Barton / Dayton Selby

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A while ago I asked in this post whether someone could identify the two people standing next to Eddie Chamblee (left) on this photo:

Now identified: Eddie Chamblee, Dayton Selby, Alford “Al” Griffin,
probably early 1960s. Photographer still unidentified

But I got no responses. Now last friday I went to one of my favourite record shops in town to buy the May 2014 issue of british magazine Blues and Rhythm which carries the story of tenor saxophonist Willene Barton, written by R’n’B researcher Dan Kochakian.

barton_there_she_blows_lpOn alto for the cover: Gateway LP 15 from the collection of Armin Büttner.

I had acquired Barton’s LP “There She Blows” a while ago. I knew nothing about Barton then and bought the record purely for the cover. And there is not much about Barton on the Internet, so I was glad to see her featured in one of my favourite magazines. Dan Kochakian is well known for finding out a lot about obscure musicians from the past and if you are interested in Willene Barton, I’d suggest you get the new Blues and Rhythm. Dan’s story features a lot of unknown photographs of Willene Barton and tells a lot about how hard it was in the 1950s for a woman to be recognized as a fine saxophone player. What really got my heart beating faster though was that the picture at the top of this blog post was shown in the article with a caption telling, who these people are. The reason for this photo accompanying Dan’s article is that the man in the middle is organist Dayton Selby, in whose band Barton was playing for some time in the 1950s. On the right is drummer Alford “Al” Griffin who used to play with Milt Buckner for some time in the 1950s (see photo below).

trio_58_klein1Milt Buckner, Danny Turner and Alford Griffin, probably 1956
in Cleveland Ohio. From the Otto Flückiger Collection


Dan dated the photo of Chamblee, Selby and Griffin to “late 1950s”, but this is to be doubted, since exactly this “Dayton Selby Trio”, as Dan calls it, recorded the LP The Rockin’ Tenor Sax of Eddie Chamblee under Chamblee’s name on February 27, 1964. And I do not think that the band had been together for five years then. John D. Monroe in his liner notes to Prestige LP7321 calls this “Eddie’s new group”.

eddie_chamblee_lpPrestige LP7321 from the collection of Armin Büttner


So here is some music for your pleasure: First Willene Barton featured with the Dayton Selby Trio playing Barton’s Blues, recorded 1956 in Cincinnati and originally released on Gateway LP15 There She Blows:


Gateway was a budget label “selling to the masses”. So unfortunately the band never gets to stretch out and you can not really hear what Barton was able to do since everything runs under three minutes here and has the obligatory back beat (people say she was able to do a lot).


And here is the Chamblee/Selby/Griffin Trio playing George Gershwin’s Skang! in February 1964 as released on Prestige LP7321.


Since Prestige was a hardcore jazz label, everything is a little wilder here. And Chamblee is someone who should  be known among more people. If you ever heard three or four Chamblee solos in a row, you will recognize his sound forever: definitively out of Ben Webster, but highly individual, rooted in the blues but not afraid of modernism – and always with a touch of humor in his playing. If you are into mainstream jazz with an edge, you should try to get hold of his two LPs for Emarcy/Mercury.


Original Tuxedo Jass Band (1964)

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Here’s a little christmas present for you all: The Original Tuxedo Jass Band playing “Just a Closer Walk With Thee” in the TV studios of Südwestfunk Baden-Baden in autumn 1964. This clip is just a part of the band’s appearance that was broadcasted in the series “Jazz gehört und gesehen” (Jazz heard and seen) in 1965.

You will see (and hear!) Joshua “Jack” Willis (tp) Waldren “Frog” Joseph (tb) Joseph “Cornbread” Thomas (cl,vcl) Jeanette Kimball (p) Albert “Papa” French (bj,g) Frank Fields (b) Louis Barbarin (d).

Thanks to the late Otto Flückiger and to Benne Vischer!

(and a happy new year!)

Memories of a Lionel Hampton concert (1964)

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From the late 1950s on – as soon as he could afford the equipment –  my friend Otto carried a camera when he went to a concert. Some of his early clips survive, most of them are silent though. One exception is the footage from a concert concert that Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra gave on July 24, 1964 at the Casino in the small french town of Divonne-les-Bains, 17 kilometers from Geneva on the other side of the swiss-french border.
On this occasion Otto filmed a part of the concert and had a tape machine running at the same time. Someone also took photos to which Otto had access – or maybe he made them himself. The clip I am presenting you here is a version that Otto himself edited sometime in the late 1980s. So fasten your seat belts and start the time machine full throttle. Be spiraled through the – sort of yellowish – mists of time and wake up in a little concert hall, where the Hampton band plays “Broadway”.  And look there: Cecil Payne gets some bars, and so does trumpeter Martin Banks!