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Crown Propeller’s Jump, Jive, Vintage R’n’B

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This blog – named after the famous Crown Propeller Lounge in Chicago – is run by jazz and r’n’b researcher Armin Büttner. It presents records, photographs and other rare documents from the collection of the late swiss jazz and r’n’b researcher Otto Flückiger as well as from Armin Büttner’s own collection. The focus is on black music roughly from the 1930s to the early 1960s.  Sometimes we will put mp3 files with the entrys, but these will be taken off after a month or so.

In my spare time I am working under the Nom de Guerre DJ Crown Propeller every other weekend. Mostly I am spinning jazz, jump, jive and vintage R’n’B at the Helsinkiklub in Zürich, Switzerland. Check this page to see when I am at the turntables.