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Glyn Paque

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This here is a rare photograph of alto saxofonist and clarinetist Glyn Paque (1906–1953) from the Otto Flückiger collection. Paque worked with Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, Benny Carter and others in the USA. In 1937 he went with Bobby Martin’s orchestra to europe. When Martin went back in 1939, Paque made Basel in Switzerland his home. Until his passing he was mostly active in the Big Band of pianist/organist Fred Böhler, also to be seen in this 1951 photo.

You can click here to hear “Jada” as sung and played by Glyn Paque in the Radio Studio Geneva on july 12, 1945. Paque is accompanied by Bib Thevenaz (piano) and André Bocquin (drums).