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Who are these people? (2)

Posted in unidentified photographs with tags , on December 23, 2010 by crownpropeller

REVISION: I found another photograph of the “Wilson” session (photo b-2)

I managed to scan some more photos from the Otto Flückiger collection that carry no caption. If anyone knows or would have an idea who these musicians are, I’d be glad to hear from you.

So here we go with installment No 2.

Photo a) features an unknown band:

An unidentified Quintet

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This photo might have been taken in Detroit, else I do not know anything about his band.

Next up are seven photogaphs taken at a jam session at an unidentified location, probably in the seventies or early eighties. I am a little embarassed, since I have the feeling I should know more than one of these people. But up to now I could not come up with any names.

Photo b):

Unidentified Jam Session

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Loren Schonberg says that the guitarist on this photo looks very much like Lawrence Lucie. Comparing to (admittedly a lot older) photos of Lucie, I think Loren is right. The bass player (what exactly is he playing there?) does look very familiar. Note the writing on the bass drum, I guess Mr. Wilson’s first name must be rather short to make the typography on the drum look good.

Two days after I put the photo above on the blog, I found another photograph with the same people as above. This one was in a different box.

Photo b-2):

Lawrence Lucie and others

In my eyes, photo b-2 does support that it’s Lawrence Lucie playing guitar here.

Photo c):

Guitar Player at unidentified "Wilson" Jam

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While the (cut-off) drummer seems to be the same man as on photo a), we have another guitarist and a new man at the keyboard.

Photo d):

Trumpet Players at unidentified Wilson jam

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Photo d) shows two trumpeters at the same time and location. Loren Schonberg thinks that the left man may be Joe Thomas – which could well be. I could only compare it to photos of Joe Thomas that were taken 20, 30 years earlier. I have the feeling that the trumpeter on the right is also a rather well known man … And yes, even the lady on the right looks familiar to me.

Photo e):

Drummer at unidentified "Wilson" Jam

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Photo e) shows a different drummer.

Photo f):

Unidentified Wilson Jam

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This one introduces a new guitar man, a new piano player and a tenor saxist.


Tenor player at unidentified Wilson Jam

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Bob Porter has identified Willis Jackson on this photo. And he is definitely right, Jackson wears the same jacket on the cover of his 1975 Atlantic LP “The Way We Were”:

Willis Jackson: "The Way We Were"

Photo h):

Trombonist, probably at unidentified Wilson jam

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Photo h) shows an unidentified trombonist, most probably photographed on the same occasion as the six photos above.

Finally here’s photo which is entirely unrelated to the others in this post.


unidentified sextet

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Photo j) has been identified by Loren Schonberg (“I played with these guys”) as showing a configuration of the Al Vollmer Harlem Blues & Jazz Band: George James (as), Gene Rodgers (p), Johnny Williams (b), Bobby Williams (tp) and Tommy Benford (dr). Indeed, the guitar player looks like Al Casey. So can anyone identify the location?

Any hints regarding all these photos are very much welcome.