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Memories of a Lionel Hampton concert (1964)

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From the late 1950s on – as soon as he could afford the equipment –  my friend Otto carried a camera when he went to a concert. Some of his early clips survive, most of them are silent though. One exception is the footage from a concert concert that Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra gave on July 24, 1964 at the Casino in the small french town of Divonne-les-Bains, 17 kilometers from Geneva on the other side of the swiss-french border.
On this occasion Otto filmed a part of the concert and had a tape machine running at the same time. Someone also took photos to which Otto had access – or maybe he made them himself. The clip I am presenting you here is a version that Otto himself edited sometime in the late 1980s. So fasten your seat belts and start the time machine full throttle. Be spiraled through the – sort of yellowish – mists of time and wake up in a little concert hall, where the Hampton band plays “Broadway”.  And look there: Cecil Payne gets some bars, and so does trumpeter Martin Banks!


Ruth remembers Milt Buckner

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Some days ago I received a very nice email from Ruth Gilson who has – as she says – “been an avid Milt Buckner for years”. Ruth who is now 80 years of age wanted to know if I would like to read about her personal interactions with Milt Buckner when he was booked into her local Holiday Inn Supper Club for a month every year. And of course I wanted to read that!  Continue reading

Lionel Hampton: artist under pressure

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Here’s another very nice document from the Otto Flückiger collection: Leeds Music Corporation trying to plug All or Nothing At All, which was composed four years earlier by Arthur Altman, the lyrics were by Jack Lawrence. As we know from Milt Buckner’s interviews with Otto Flückiger and Kees Bakker, Hampton was always open to such suggestions.

Lionel Hampton at Strand Theatre 1948

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UPDATE (August 19, 2012): The handwriting on the Srand Theatre photograph is not by Otto Flückiger, but by Milt Buckner (see comments section).

When I was down at the archives last week looking for documents in relation to Don Redman’s 1946 tour, I accidentally found a batch of gorgeous photos of Lionel Hampton’s band in 1948 and 1949 at New York’s Strand Theatre as well as from  the Howard Theatre Washington 1948.

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The photograph above was taken at the Strand Theatre in N.Y.C, between January 23 and February 1948. Unfortunately the photographer is not known (to me at least). On the edge of the photo Milt Buckner himself noted down the names of the musicians to be seen. I photoshopped the edge just enough to make his handwriting (very pale pencil) readable again. Too make identification easier, I have cut up the photo into several parts below. Continue reading

Lionel Hampton, Fort Hayes 1942

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This flyer for a 1942 Lionel Hampton concert at Fort Hayes in Columbus Ohio must be among the rarest items on the Otto Flückiger collection. Imagine what it was like to be there!

Lionel Hampton, Fort Hayes 1942

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To make it easier for your imagination, here’s Hampton and his band playing “In the Bag”, recorded on May 26 1942, nearly two months before the Fort Hayes gig: Lionel Hampton: In The Bag

Milt Buckner Acetate: “Hamp’ s Boogie”

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I made a little movie to the music of Milt Buckner playing “Hamp’s Boogie” at an unknown date. The music comes from a mysterious bunch of acetates from the Otto Flückiger collection.

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How to act in Hamp’s band (1945)

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I’m starting this blog off with a very unusual document from the Otto Flückiger archives: A letter signed by Lionel Hampton to members of his band via Hampton’s booking office in august 1945.  The letter contains the “rules and regulations” that have to be followed strictly by all members of Hampton’s band. That is is signed by Hampton does not necessarily mean that he formulated it. Other suspects are Joe Glaser (or someone from his office) or even Lionel Hampton’s wife, Gladys.

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