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The real Valaida Snow

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My efforts to make it clear that a certain photo by William Claxton does not – as you can read on different websites – show Valaida Snow but Lorraine Glover, trumpeter Donald Byrd’s wife, did not bear much fruit. I thought I could do better than to just bemoan the fact that a lot of people draw the Valaida Snow conclusion as soon as they see a vintage photo with a woman holding a trumpet.  So i decided to give you a photo of Valaida in all her glory that you may not have seen before – at least not on the web. Continue reading

Not Valaida Snow!

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If you are looking for photos of trumpeter/singer Valaida Snow on the internet, you will find the above photo on several websites. It is indeed a beautiful photograph – but it does not show Valaida Snow. In fact this is Lorraine Glover, wife of famous hardbop trumpet player Donald Byrd. And it was shot by William Claxton in 1960. There are several books of Claxton’s work in which this photo is featured (usually just credited “Mrs. Donald Byrd”). The websites on which this photo is credited as showing Valaida snow can’t either be reached or ignore my postings about this, so maybe this helps.