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Beautiful Django Reinhardt LP

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As already mentioned I love those french 10 inch records from the fifties on the Vogue and Swing labels. Now two weeks ago I discovered this beauty in a local record store:

Swing M 33.330 was released sometime in the early fifties. Although I already have all the music on this LP (on a CD as well as on really badly stereofied LP on the Period label), i could not resist the beautiful design so I had to buy it. I wonder if Charles Delaunay designed this one? The owner of the Swing label was the son of artists, and some of the covers of Vogue and Swing 10 inch LPs were designed by him.

So here’s some some music to go with the art, taken directly from the above copy of M 33.330: “September Song” (yes, I know it’s May right now). And please excuse the rough start!


According to Tom Lord’s Jazz Discography, this was recorded at a”Surprise-Partie” at the Studio Montparnasse of the Radio Diffusion Francais in Paris, France, on November 8 or 13, 1947 with the following people involved:

Gerard Leveque (cl), Eugene Vees (g), Django Reinhardt (g) Emmanuel Soudieux (b) Andre Jourdan (d).


Elmer Gill on 45rpm

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In the ususal discographical sources there are only very few entries for Canadian pianist and vibist Elmer Gill who used to play with Lionel Hampton for a while in the early fifties, in the period after Milt Buckner had left Hampton’s band. The listings of records under Gill’s name usually start with The Three Sides Of Elmer Gill, the rare LP Gill recorded with bassist David Friesen and drummer Al Johnson around 1968 in Vancouver for Canadian label Aragon (the third side of Elmer Gill is his singing).

Elmer Gill, 1995 probably
in Otto Flückiger’s garden

I met Elmer Gill when I portrayed him for the no longer existing swiss cultural magazine Stehplatz, that must have happened around 1997. Someday I will look up in the attic if I can find a copy to present it here.
I also witnessed Gill at some place in Switzerland, where he was playing with his son, drummer Donald Gill, and a bass player I cannot recall.
My friend Otto had befriended Elmer Gill who was splitting his life between Vancouver and a place in Switzerland, that I seem to have forgotten. Otto gathered a lot of material about Elmer Gill which I am going to present here sooner or later.
Meanwhile, while going through the 45 rpm records in the archives, I discovered two 45rpm records by the Elmer Gill Trio that were recorded much earlier than Gill’s earliest discographical entries– at least one of them. I present them here for your listening pleasure. Please excuse the slight hum, my amplifier is being revised, and it’s replacement – well it hums! The first record is an EP on Chet Noland’s Celestial label, based in Seattle.
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