Andrew Hill on Ping 1003: “Down Pat”

I made myself a christmas present. So here, straight from my mailbox here’s the Andrew Hill Combo playing “Down Pat” for Ping Records in October 1956. The musicians are: Von Freeman: ts Pat Patrick: bars Andrew Hill: p Malachi Favors: b Wilbur Campbell: dr. Enjoy!

Too see and hear the flipside, go here.

For more Information about Ping (and this record) go to:

3 Responses to “Andrew Hill on Ping 1003: “Down Pat””

  1. Wow, what a great piece of music! How the tenor sax flatters the bariton sax …

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. Andrew Hill is one of my heroes, and ever since I heard about the ping sides, i’ve been wanting to hear them. Von and Pat sound great on it!

    Oh… and the rest of your blog is extremely cool as well. i will be checking that out now. Thanks again!

  3. […] this entry that I posted about a year ago from I offered you the Andrew Hill Combo with Von Freeman and Pat […]

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